University of Pretoria’s secondment to Tenneco

Dr Cor-Jacques Kat from the Vehicle Dynamics Group at the University of Pretoria, South Africa recently completed a month secondment to Tenneco in Belgium. During this secondment, laboratory and proving ground tests were conducted at Tenneco’s Monroe Engineering Technical Center, Sint-Truiden, Belgium and Ford’s proving ground in Lommel, Belgium. The aim of the tests were to better understand difference thresholds of whole-body vibration and how it can be used in vehicle suspension design. Dr Kat also attended the mid-term project meeting hosted by UNIMORE in Modena, Italy.

Secondment from The University of Naples to Arrival GmbH

Ciro Tordela, a PhD Student of the University of Naples “Federico II”, carried out its Secondment with Arrival Germany, a OWHEEL industrial partner. The aim of the Unina-Arrival Secondment (from 16/03/2022 to 23/06/2022) regarded the development of two controllers for a Brake-by-Wire system, in particular, a Gain scheduled PID with a Feedforward Compensator and a nonlinear controller called Gain Scheduled Generalized Super Twisting.

New Secondments Started

Research fellows from Vilnius Tech have started their secondments to OWHEEL industrial partners. Eldar Šabanovič will work on new chassis concepts at Tenneco, and Prof. Vidas Žuraulis will elaborate new vehicle concepts at Arrival Germany.

Eldar Šabanovič
Vidas Žuraulis

Secondments after Lockdown

Dr. Viktor Skrickij in new post-lockdown working environment during his secondment at Tenneco

OWHEEL consortium is happy to re-launch activities after long lockdown period. This week Dr. Viktor Skrickij from VGTU started his secondment to TENNECO and will work on the benchmarking procedures for OWHEEL corner concepts.