Journal Papers

Šabanovič, E., Kojis, P., Šukevičius, Š., Shyrokau, B., Ivanov, V., Dhaens, M. and Skrickij, V., 2021. Feasibility of a neural network-based virtual sensor for vehicle unsprung mass relative velocity estimation. Sensors21(21), p.7139. <link>

Žuraulis, V., Sivilevičius, H., Šabanovič, E., Ivanov, V. and Skrickij, V., 2021. Variability of gravel pavement roughness: an analysis of the impact on vehicle dynamic response and driving comfort. Applied Sciences11(16), p.7582. <link>

Conference Papers

Zuraulis, V., Kojis, P., Marotta, R., Šukevičius, Š., Šabanovič, E., Ivanov, V. and Skrickij, V., 2022. Electric Vehicle Corner Architecture: Driving Comfort Evaluation Using Objective Metrics (No. 2022-01-0921). SAE Technical Paper. <Link>

Marotta, R., Strano, S., Terzo, M., Tordela, C. and Ivanov, V., 2022. Active Control of Camber and Toe Angles to Improve Vehicle Ride Comfort (No. 2022-01-0920).